Gallery - Mike Souter
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Apple Bowl

Ball in Cage Goblet

Ball in Cage close-up

Birch and Walnut Hollow

Birch Hollow Form

Boxes 1

Boxes 2


Carved Cherry Goblet

Carved Chestnut Goblet

Cocabola Bowl

Eaculyptus Burl Dish

Gallery Display

Oak and Maple Goblets

Maple Burl Clock

Maple Burl Hollow

Maple Burl Pen

Maple Natural Edge Bowl

Moose Antler Goblet

Mulberry Goblet

Natl Edge Birch Bowl

Natl Edge Egg Cup

Oak Burl Bowl


Small Mulberry Goblet

Square Edge Cherry Burl

Teardrop Clock


Walnut Bowl

Walnut Kiddish Cup

Yellow Mulberry Goblet

Yew Weedpot

Yew Walnut Hollow