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We're registering at a few places and will have a list of items that anyone can buy us with checkoff of some sort. So if you don't see something you think is appropriate, check back. When we're done updating, we'll state that here. PLEASE NOTE that if you're already joining us, that's really present enough, it's your company we crave, that's why you were invited.

  • REI
    Right now we're just registered for 5 items and 1 is rediculously expensive. We're eventually going to buy some kayaks, but need to do some shopping first. We currently have a gift certificate to REI and that would be appropriate as well and taylored to your budget. Note we plan on camping 2-3 times a year and just getting on the Concord or other local rivers at least 4 times a year. We also bike a couple times a week when not planning a wedding.

  • Home Depot
    Combining two 30+ households doesn't leave a lot of wholes (while true, isaac meant holes :). Home improvement will be the order of the day, so some Home Depot gift certificates will be in order. Isaac will be posting a list of woodworking equipment soon as well.
  • Sears
    We've registered for some misc. tools that Isaac wants at Sears.
  • Target
    Diane & Isaac have identified a few items at target that seem like fun.

  • American Express

    Isaac's in charge of arranging this, but Diane has mentioned a preference for beaches, eastern or so time zone and pampering. Isaac's planning to take her to nova scotia with a box of depends, but we're betting against it. Anyways, we looked at honeymoon registries but Isaac's too annoyed about giving them 7%. So he suggested AMEX gift cards if you'd like to contribute to the honeymoon.


    Isaac as he made this suggestion went to their website and found they had a $5 fee plus shipping and decided this was also unreasonable.  Visa gift cards can be purchased at local retailers and may not have associated fees.  If you prefer the convenience, the link has been left.

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